Share The Bear for Calgary Discovery Life Centre

Why Share The Bear makes a Difference.

For years, my wife and I have talked about making a real difference in Calgary for the special needs community. While working and collaborating with local support agencies, we recognized a rather large gap in services.

While there’s a lot of specialty local resources; a neutral support centre isn’t present in the community. With a resource like this, we could help coordinate the community and all third party resources into one useful centre. The Calgary Discovery Life Centre will be that one resource that brings parents, support agencies, support workers and the Calgary special needs community together to make a real difference.

Today, we are proud to be taking the first steps toward bringing a new resource and outlet into the Calgary special needs community.

The Calgary Discovery Life Centre is focused on organizing, facilitating and inspiring the future for the special needs community. The goal is to provide resources and services in a facility where agencies, support staff, parents and individuals with special needs can discover new life skills. They can access, learn and practice a variety of important lessons with life changing support.

The Calgary Discovery Life Centre works and coordinates with all support agencies, groups, organizations, parents and individuals to build a meaningful community for special needs individuals in Calgary.


Today I ask for your help and support with our cause. To create awareness and show we are willing to take the first steps needed, Fresh Focus Media will be donating 15 minutes of digital media, marketing and event management services to the Calgary Discovery Life Centre for every share and like of the Share The Bear Campaign.

Please like and share our campaign to help us make a difference that starts with the Calgary community.

- Kenneth Bond, CEO and Founder.

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